david slader paintings, ford gallery of art, october 2021

David Slader Paintings

Ford Gallery of Art

October 2021

An exhibit featuring paintings by contemporary artist David Slader.

Slader’s abstract works celebrate the movement and expression of the human figure, captured in disjointed parts and brilliantly colored patterns. A leg, an arm, a foot may escape one panel to be painted on another, creating a unified yet dynamic piece.

Drop in to meet the artist and learn more about his work during the following events in the month of October. Personal tours available by appointment.

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 2, 4pm – 8pm.

Open Studios Weekends: October 9 – 10 & 16 – 17 (part of Portland Open Studios)

david slader paintings, exhibit, october 2021


Where: Ford Gallery of Art, 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland

When: Show Dates October 1 – 30, Viewing hours Mon-Sat 8am-5pm, Contact for a time to tour the show with the artist


'blowing in from chicago' by david slader, artist

When this painting was little more than a colored sketch, she and I were listening in my studio to KMHD Radio play tracks from the 1957 Blue Note album, “Blowing in from Chicago.” The painting liked the music and chose it as her name (paintings do that kind of thing).


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