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“All art is propaganda.” George Orwell

Political art is now “in.” In art schools. In galleries. In museum shows. In the homes of sophisticated collectors. And now, in seventeen venues throughout Portland as our city’s revived biennale, Converge 45, begins an ambitious run through December.

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oregon artswatch
Read David’s Art Letter essay, Converge 45: To repair a wounded world, featured in Oregon ArtsWatch

Derek Franklin
Beethoven, quotation marks

art letter | no. 2. 2023 | february

Fresh with Color and Light: Chefas Projects

the dream, mlk memorial, portland, oregon

art letter | no. 1. 2023 | january

The wrong way/the right way: Memorializing Martin Luther King, Jr

lynn goldsmith, prince
By Voxx Romana
John Vitale, Information 6

art letter | no. 3. 2022 | may

In Defense of Nonsense: John Vitale at Stephanie Chefas Projects

Filmore East Takeover - Bev Grant, photographer

art letter | no. 2. 2022 | march

Bev Grant’s Photographic Record of Radicalized New York

A Few of My Favorite Things, by Sherrie Wolf

art letter | no. 1. 2022 | january

Sherrie Wolf at Russo Lee: Wrong in Just the Right Way

lemon peel, hot sauce, chicken chocolate - by david slader

art letter | no. 5. 2021 | november

A Decade of Paintings & An Invitation

'flow and beat' by David Slader, Artist
David Slader, artist - in the studio, Art Letter

art letter | no. 3. 2021 | august

Beauty or Delusion...and the Urge to Create

'blowing in from chicago' by david slader, artist
'flow and beat, advance and retreat, rise and take a bow in disappearing' Painting by David Slader

art letter | no. 1. 2021 | january

Flow and Beat, Advance and Retreat, Rise and Take a Bow...

Kris Hargis Looking Back at Myself
Emmett Till - by Dana Schultz
destruction of art, iraq
The River is Rising, by David Slader, Artist

art letter | no. 1. 2020 | January

A Moose, a Giraffe, and Miro's Whimsy

art letter | no. 7. 2019 | September

Talking paintings and a troubled voice

art letter | no. 6. 2019 | april

Art letter: Reflections and gratitude, Next at Gallery 114

art letter | no. 5. 2019 | march

Art Letter: Art, the Bard, and street stories

art letter | no. 4. 2019 | march

InkBodySkinPaint+Fire: Opens this week at Gallery 114

art letter | no. 3. 2019 | february

Sparkle, sonnets, sea stories and hats

David Slader, Owen Carey - art letter no 2 2019 feb

art letter | no. 2. 2019 | february

Sharing Gallery 114 with Owen Carey's powerful photos

art letter / no. 1. 2019 / january

Artistic musings and upcoming dates