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our-humming-Remnants of a Dialogical Sky, Therese Murdza, Photo Therese Murzda

Getting to know Thérèse Murdza

I was invited to be part of a recent group show at the Ford Gallery. As I walked into the gallery in Southeast Portland to deliver my painting, I stopped cold. There, dominating the lobby, was this. . .

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oregon artswatch
Read David’s Art Letter essay, Therese Murdza’s paintings in the shape of sounds, featured in Oregon ArtsWatch

Missgeburt, by Erik Geschke

art letter | no. 1. 2024 | february

A monumental snore (with a wink): Erik Geschke turns heroic sculpture on its head

emily ginsburg, THUD metabolic

art letter | no. 6. 2023 | december

Crazy quilts of clay scraps: Emily Ginsburg

art letter | no. 5 2023 | september

Converge 45: To repair a wounded world

Derek Franklin
Beethoven, quotation marks

art letter | no. 2. 2023 | february

Fresh with Color and Light: Chefas Projects

the dream, mlk memorial, portland, oregon

art letter | no. 1. 2023 | january

The wrong way/the right way: Memorializing Martin Luther King, Jr

lynn goldsmith, prince
By Voxx Romana
John Vitale, Information 6

art letter | no. 3. 2022 | may

In Defense of Nonsense: John Vitale at Stephanie Chefas Projects

Filmore East Takeover - Bev Grant, photographer

art letter | no. 2. 2022 | march

Bev Grant’s Photographic Record of Radicalized New York

A Few of My Favorite Things, by Sherrie Wolf

art letter | no. 1. 2022 | january

Sherrie Wolf at Russo Lee: Wrong in Just the Right Way

lemon peel, hot sauce, chicken chocolate - by david slader

art letter | no. 5. 2021 | november

A Decade of Paintings & An Invitation

'flow and beat' by David Slader, Artist
David Slader, artist - in the studio, Art Letter

art letter | no. 3. 2021 | august

Beauty or Delusion...and the Urge to Create

'blowing in from chicago' by david slader, artist
'flow and beat, advance and retreat, rise and take a bow in disappearing' Painting by David Slader

art letter | no. 1. 2021 | january

Flow and Beat, Advance and Retreat, Rise and Take a Bow...

Kris Hargis Looking Back at Myself
Emmett Till - by Dana Schultz
destruction of art, iraq
The River is Rising, by David Slader, Artist

art letter | no. 1. 2020 | January

A Moose, a Giraffe, and Miro's Whimsy

art letter | no. 7. 2019 | September

Talking paintings and a troubled voice

art letter | no. 6. 2019 | april

Art letter: Reflections and gratitude, Next at Gallery 114

art letter | no. 5. 2019 | march

Art Letter: Art, the Bard, and street stories

art letter | no. 4. 2019 | march

InkBodySkinPaint+Fire: Opens this week at Gallery 114

art letter | no. 3. 2019 | february

Sparkle, sonnets, sea stories and hats

David Slader, Owen Carey - art letter no 2 2019 feb

art letter | no. 2. 2019 | february

Sharing Gallery 114 with Owen Carey's powerful photos

art letter / no. 1. 2019 / january

Artistic musings and upcoming dates