Art Letters

Kris Hargis Looking Back at Myself

Self-portraits seldom portray contentment or joy. We see an artist glancing in a mirror as it captures the doubt and intensity of the act of creation. It is as if the creator and their reflection are each an expression of the other’s anxieties—yet they are the same person.

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Emmett Till - by Dana Schultz
destruction of art, iraq
The River is Rising, by David Slader, Artist

art letter | no. 2. 2020 | February

Art, no bore: Inside outsider art

That pretty much sums up my goal making art—and the reason so much ends up erased.

art letter | no. 1. 2020 | January

A Moose, a Giraffe, and Miro's Whimsy

art letter | no. 7. 2019 | September

Talking paintings and a troubled voice

art letter | no. 6. 2019 | april

Art letter: Reflections and gratitude, Next at Gallery 114

art letter | no. 5. 2019 | march

Art Letter: Art, the Bard, and street stories

art letter | no. 4. 2019 | march

InkBodySkinPaint+Fire: Opens this week at Gallery 114

art letter | no. 3. 2019 | february

Art Letter: Sparkle, sonnets, sea stories and hats

David Slader, Owen Carey - art letter no 2 2019 feb

art letter | no. 2. 2019 | february

Art Letter: Sharing Gallery 114 with Owen Carey's powerful photos

art letter / no. 1. 2019 / january

January Art Letter: Artistic musings and upcoming dates