Jesse Narens

I saw my first work by Jesse Narens several years ago at a group show where I was also exhibiting. I was blown away and purchased a small painting by him that is now in my study. Jesse’s work is intuitive, as honestly natural as it is about nature. It seems to arise from a deep connection to a personal spirit world that no one else can access . . . until he cracks open a window for us to peer in.

Refreshingly, Jesse never resorts to art-talk BS when describing his work. He writes, “With no attachment to preconceived ideas, pieces begin without sketches, and progress is made with or without reason. While most elements are placed with intention, everything is open to change until meaning is found.”

This is one of my favorite pieces.

Owen Carey, photographer

My old friend, photographer Owen Carey, brings the eye and heart of an artist to his work.

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