David Slader, Owen Carey - art letter no 2 2019 feb


March 2019, Gallery 114

having too much fun

I have admired the work of photographer Owen Carey (the older looking dude above) for over twenty years. Now I finally get to share a show with him—this March at Gallery 114. If you are a lover of local theater, you’ve seen Owen’s work. He has been shooting actors and performances for years, bringing to each job the eye and heart of an artist.

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A Charcoalized Hedge

My stepdaughter, Jillian, and I were heading to lunch. We could smell the legacy of the fire before we could see it: A freshly gutted pizza restaurant. Immediately to its north was a sculpture of charcoal skeletons, lined up in military precision.

Others might have seen an incinerated arborvitae hedge. I saw the sculpture—or, at least, the potential for a sculpture. All I could do was stare. But Jillian urged me to act. So, after lunch, I went back home, got my bow saw, and went to work.

Reassembled, I call it “Hold the Pizza Order”. . .or, informally, “that bunch of burnt sticks in the basement.” Whatever we call it, it will be in the main gallery in my March show at Gallery 114, InkBodySkinPaint+Fire.

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