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For February 2016, Gallery 114 presents COUNTENANCE, showcasing two Portland artists, David Slader and Phil Sylvester, both of whom focus intensely on the human face-and, through it, delve into the their own deeply personal experiences.

Drawing with Paint

Raw in color and texture, David Slader's portraits reveal tenacious, yet contemplative and complex personalities. For David, "paint" usually means oil bars or crayons, allowing him to draw-with-paint. As with the work of his teacher, Phil Sylvester, there is no conceit of visual reality, no effort to hide the bold and vivid marks and scrapes of the works' creation. The energy of the act is indelible in the result. This is David's first feature show since joining Gallery 114.

The Curtain Reopens on an Oregon Master

This is Phil Sylvester's first gallery show since he withdrew from exhibitions seventeen years ago. Known to many in Portland as The Drawing Studio's founder and inspired teacher, Phil has continued to make hundreds of drawings, many made "blind." Over time, as he mastered letting the act of observation directly control his drawing hand-while glancing only occasionally at what his hand was creating-a small group of extraordinary drawings emerged that renewed Phil's desire to share his work with the public. In February, the curtain will reopen on the work of an Oregon legend as Gallery 114 presents six of Phil's "unseen drawings."